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"Xanax can help anything...[burps]...bit of wind there."
—Xanax, "Dungeons and Dragon Lady"

Xanax is a character on ABC's show Galavant played by guest star Ricky Gervais. He is a magician turned "spiritual guide" who helped King Richard get to the root of his problems. Xanax first appeared in the Season One episode "Dungeons and Dragon Lady".


Xanax established himself on the magic scene but ran into some trouble not long into his career. Because of this he was unable to legally call himself a magician and opted to change his official title to that of a spiritual guide. His reputation was known of by King Richard who referred to Xanax as Merlin's replacement. The King's Chef knew him personally as he occasionally bought special herbs from him, supposedly for cooking. He lived in a dodgy neighborhood inside a run down clock tower with his mother. She lived downstairs while Xanax was up in the attic having converted it into a laboratory. He shares the space with a companion named "Toad" whom he claims was once a frog that Xanax turned into a man.

Character History


  • Part of his 'magic spell' includes the word 'Flanimal'. Gervais (of whom he is portrayed by) wrote a rather bizarre children's book series called Flanimals.