"World's Best Kiss" is a love ballad sung by Galavant and Isabella in World's Best Kiss. The song was also reprised at the end of the episode.

World's Best Kiss

World's Best Kiss


Isabella: It was the world's best kiss
And it was utter bliss
Though it was moister than I thought it would be

Galavant: It was the world's best kiss
Save for the awkwardness
And how we fit...which I admit...felt sort of weird to me

Both: And in my dreams I still can taste it
Galavant: Slightly yeasty
Isabella: Oddly musty

Both: Distance and time have not erased it
I wouldn't change a single thing

I wouldn't change a single thing
Isabella: It was an awful kiss
Galavant: Kind of a total miss
Isabella: Clumsy and forced
Galavant: Way too much teeth
Both: Messy and wet

Isabella: Far from the world's best kiss
Galavant: Still I can tell you this:
Both: It was a kiss I won't forget




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