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"You sure you want to save this place?"
—Galavant, "Two Balls"

Valencia is the homeland of Princess Isabella. The country is known for its vegetable harvest, it's love of theatre and the green gem known as "The Jewel of Valencia". It was was conquered by King Richard who sought the gemstone as a gift for his queen Madalena. The parents of Isabella who were the King and Queen of Valencia were deposed and locked away in the dungeon. In thier absence King Richard and his court occupied the castle while searching for the jewel. Richards wife Madalena orchestrated a coup of her own and managed to take over the country for herself. Having eliminated all threats to her rule, including Richard and his brother Kingsley, she offered Gareth a place at her side as the new King. He accepted and the two currently control Valencia. The country's first appearance was in the episode "Pilot".


The people of Valencia have religious aversions to meat and lived almost entirely off of their own crops. They are proud of the vegetables and the country is well known for its Cabbage festival. During King Richard's invasion he had the fields set ablaze with only a few crops hoarded for his own private use. Later, in an act of what he felt was solidarity, the King had his share burned at a Ball he held in front of a group of prominent Valencians.

Aside from its farming culture, Valencia was also known for its appreciation of the theatrical arts. The people of Valencia would gather around the country's Elder Tree for where hours and hours of spontaneous unscripted theater performances would be held. After conquering the country, King Richard had the elder tree cut down and turned into toothpicks.


  • Valencia is a real place and is the capital of the autonomous community of Valencia and the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona.
  • The great hall of the castle of Valencia is filmed in the Bottle Yard Studios in Bristol, UK, and is modeled in style after the great hall of Caerphilly Castle in Wales, which was it's filming location in the Pilot episode. As well as the great hall, the rest of the castle of Valencia is also filmed in the Bottle Yard Studios.
  • The exterior of the castle of Valencia is shot at Berkeley castle.