"Togetherness Reprise" is a reprise of the song sung by the Band of Pirates, the Pirate King, Galavant, Isabella and Sid.


Pirates: We heave together
We ho together
While working toe to toe together
Pirate #1: Ahoy! Look out below together!
Pirate King: Away! Away!

Pirates: Now off together
We'll cruise together
With pirate stuff we'll use together
Pirate #1: Guys, we should get tattoos together!
Pirates: Arrgh!

And together, look what we can do
Pirate King: Together, we're one scabby crew!
Galavant: Together, we're not bad
Isabella: It's true
Sid: My God, just get a room, you two
All: Togetherness will see us through
To the end!

NOTE: The following spoken lines are heard directly after the song: Carl: Land ho! Galavant: Land ho, indeed, Carl!


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