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"Togetherness" is a song sung by Gary Galavant, Isabella Maria Lucia Elisabetta and Sid in Comedy Gold. At first, the song begins all peppy with everyone agreeing together, but soon falls apart as they list everything they hate about each other.




Lines in blue are only heard on the soundtrack

Galavant: We eat together
Isabella: We drink together
Sid: We work in perfect sync together
Galavant: We smile...
Isabella: Frown...
Sid: Blink...
All: Together completely

We walk together
In time together
Galavant: Can't help
Isabella: Yelp
Sid: Kelp...
All: But rhyme together
Our voices chime together so neatly

And togetherness is what we do
Together me and him and you
Galavant: Like rock...
Isabella: And scissors...
Sid: And paper

Galavant: And stuck together
Isabella: All day together
Sid: We're in each other's way together
Isabella: Our quirks are on display together
Galavant: Or nearly.

Isabella: They fight together
Sid: They glare together
All: We breath each other's air together
Sid and Isabella: We watch him do his hair together
Galavant: Come on, really?

All: But togetherness will see us through
Isabella: Unless I kill the other two
Galavant and Sid: Or we kill her together

Isabella: But there's some things we don't share
Like the way I've kind of, sort of, totally played him
Oh, God, I betrayed him
Galavant: And there's some things we don't share
Like I'm kind of, sort of, always thinking about her
Sid: Or like how you both ignore me all of the—

Galavant and Isabella: Each day together's
A chore together
Isabella: A belching...
Galavant: Nagging...
Sid: Bore...
All: Together
Galavant and Sid: Then listening to her snore together

Isabella: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....
Galavant: It's like she's a bear.

All: But together, though, is what we'll be
For what feels like eternity
Galavant: Me...
Isabella: And me...
Sid: And me...
All: As one.
Isabella: As one!
Sid: As one!
All: As-
Galavant: Oooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeee!


  • According to lyricist Glenn Slater, one of the influences for this song was "Happy Together by the music group The Turtles.[1]
  • The soundtrack's recording consists entirely of vocals which were recorded in the studio prior to filming. The final audio mix for the show includes many vocal takes that were captured live on location.
  • This is one of the scenes presented in The Galavant Showcase, a gathering of cast and crew members in December 2014 to preview the show for ABC executives. Released as an online promotional video under the title "How Things Fall Apart in a Song,"[2] that version featured Alan Menken's temporary demo music and a slightly different vocal mix.



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