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This seems like a really bizarre way to organize the chracters imo, considering Richard nor Gareth are really villains. Gwynne is missing too. Protagonists and villains aren't opposites either. I'm really stuck how to arrange it tho, like we could have:

(Heroes? Trio?): Galavant, Izzy, Sid

Valencians: Richard, Gareth, Madalena, Jester, Chef, Gwynne

[Guest star characters, i.e Jean Hamm etc]


Main Characters: Galavant, Izzy, Sid, Richard, Madalena, Gareth

Secondary Ch: Chef, Jester, Gwynne, 

Other: Kingsley, Prince Harry, 

Guest Stars: [Pirate King etc.]

Any ideas?

Coethedragon (talk) 06:43, January 4, 2016 (UTC)coethedragon