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Tad Cooper is King Richard's pet dragon, purchased in the episode "Giants vs. Dwarves".


Tad Cooper was purchased by King Richard from a salesman, using the priceless Jewel of Valencia. Galavant kicked Richard out after learning this, leaving Richard and Tad to roam the wilderness, before being captured by the dwarves.

In the final battle against Wormwood, Tad Cooper was coaxed into breathing fire by Richard, which he doesn't. However, at the end of the episode, it is shown that Tad Cooper has grown into a full-sized dragon.



  • Viewers have speculated that the name is a cryptic inside-joke, but Karen David revealed that when they decided to give the character a proper name, a variety of monikers were randomly pitched in the writer's room and it was agreed that there was a ring to the name "Tad Cooper".[2]
  • Tad Cooper's actor, Bruce, was kept warm via a nearby hot water bottle.[1]