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"She'll Be Mine" is a song sung by King Richard in the Pilot.


Cast of Galavant - She'll Be Mine (from "Galavant" (Official Lyric Video))


King Richard: Oh, Gareth, I try so hard to please her. I invade a kingdom for a jewel, I respect her vow of chastity, and yet, every day I have to hear it over and over again.

Blah blah blah blah Galavant
I want her, need her, crave her, yes, it's true
But she is not the only thing I desperately want to do

I want to shoot him with a crossbow
I want to stab him in the eye
I want to liberate his head from his neck
And then punt the bloody wreck sky high

I want to hurl him out a window
And shove explosives where the sun...don't...shine
Want to skewer him with swords and slowly twist 'em
All around his reproductive system
Won't that be divine?
Then she'll be mine.


All: Ahhh...
And then you'll do it ev'ry evening
King Richard: Sweet God at last!
All: In ev'ry room on ev'ry floor!
King Richard: 'Till I can't do it anymore!
Gareth: And with no Galavant distracting your bride
King Richard: We could start a genocidal war!
All: Yeah, we're gonna go to war
Jester: Wait, what?

King Richard: I'll get back to all my hobbies
Like raising taxes and tormenting the poor
All: Bless those poor!
King Richard: No more "Galavant is just complete perfection!"
"Gal would never lose his"....temper!
Won't that be divine?

And she'll be mine.
All: La la la la!
King Richard: Just mine, all mine!
All: La la la la!
King Richard: Mine, all mine, all mine!

Well, that was ripping.


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