"Secret Mission " is a song sung by Gary Galavant and Richard in It's All in the Executions. They are somewhat drunk while doing this song, which adds to the humor of it.

Galavant - Off On A Secret Mission

Galavant - Off On A Secret Mission


Gary Galavant and Richard: OH!
We're off on a secret mission
We got us a secret plan
Galavant: We're going to go and slay your bro
Richard: As quietly as we can
Galavant and Richard: We'll sneak up and then surprise him
Before he has time to think
Richard: We're off and away
Galavant: But first another drink
Galavant and Richard: Da da da da da da

Galavant: We're off on a secret mission
Richard: A totally secret scheme
Galavant: We'll slyly do in your next of kin
Richard: And quietly make him scream
Galavant: We gotta be swift and stealthy
Richard: So no onne'lll raise a stink
Galavant and Richard: We're off and away
But first another drink
Da da da da da da da

Secret, secret
Hush, hush, hush
Secret, secret
(crickets chirp as they silently and soundlessly creep past some guards on watch)

Galavant and Richard: OH!
We're off on a secret mission
Galavant: It's some kind of secret plot
Richard: We're gonna go-
Galavant: Yeah!
Richard: And then?
Galavant: Exactly
Richard: Who will we?
Galavant: I forgot!
Richard: Ooh! Ooh! We're gonna go kill the-
Galavant: Someone
Richard: My brother
Galavant: The rat!
Richard: The fink!

Galavant: Shh! Lower your voicse!
Richard: Hey, w-what are all these dudes doing in front of Madalena's room for?
Galavant: Yeah what is it, a party?
Peasant: Th-the queen's interviewing new consorts.
Madalena: Next!
Galavant: Oh god, she's the worst.
Richard: Hey, you know what? The queen is really proud of her feet.
Galavant: Yeah, yeah. Ask her to take her socks off.
Richard: Ask to kiss her feet. That's an order from yer king!

Galavant and Richard: OH!
Secret, secret
Galavant: Thirtieth verse, same as the first
Richard: Woah! There's some serious acoustics down here.


This song contains a plan, a plot, and a scheme, just like Wormwood and Barry's confused intrigue in season 2 (wedding plan, evil plot, colour scheme).


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