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"The sword your highness, here's the Royal Sword!"
—Royal court, "Dungeons and Dragon Lady"

The Royal Sword is a symbol of power that is from King Richard's Kingdom and designated the official lord of the realm. After his father's death it was to be given to Richards older brother Kingsley but he refused to be handed his own rule. Richard was then named the successor but before he could be given the sword Kingsely snatched it away and took it with him. Upon Kingsely's death and Richard's departure, the sword is now in the possession of Gareth who has seemingly taken the throne alongside Queen Madalena. It's first appearance was in the episode "Dungeons and Dragon Lady"


  • It is uncertain whether or not Gareth is the ruler of King Richard's kingdom after obtaining the sword. King Richard has never obtained said sword and was still the king. All that is certain is that Gareth is the new king of Valencia and that the sword is a symbol of great power.