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"My father used to tell stories of you, of your skill in battle, your heroism and your goodness... what happened to you? I mean... meh."
—Princess Isabella

"Pilot" is the series premiere of the ABC sitcom, Galavant. The episode debuted on January 4, 2015.


A long time ago in a land filled with kings and queens, there lived a hero so beloved that he was known by just one name: Galavant. This charming, handsome living legend’s one true love is the enchanting Madalena. The evil King Richard is also quite smitten with this beauty. So he kidnaps her.

Galavant races to save his true love only to discover a harsh reality: she’s been seduced by the king’s wealth and power. Galavant looks as though he’s been punched in the gut. Then he actually is punched in the gut by the king’s right-hand knight, Gareth.

A year passes. Galavant’s squire, Sid, introduces his despairing boss to Princess Isabella Maria Lucia Elisabetta of Valencia. Isabella’s land has been conquered by King Richard, and she wants Galavant to save her people.

Two months earlier, Princess Isabella overhears Madalena pushing her husband to obtain the Jewel of Valencia while secretly flirting with the court jester. King Richard is tired of hearing how great his wife’s ex, Galavant, is, so he asks the king and queen of Valencia for their jewel to satisfy his wife. When they refuse, he orders them to be put to death. This newsflash causes Princess Isabella to be exposed from her hiding place.

Madalena rips into her husband for not being more like Galavant. This outburst inspires King Richard to hide the jewel from her. He blackmails Princess Isabella into helping him draw his nemesis out into the open.

In the present, Galavant perks up when he learns that King Richard is behind the taking of Valencia. He is led to believe that Madalena still loves him and is inspired to reclaim her, unaware that a possibly regretful Princess Isabella is merely stringing him along in order to save her parents. King Richard and Gareth prepare for Galavant’s return while Madalena continues a secret affair with the jester. As for Galavant, he manages to squeeze into his old hero pants as his quest to reclaim his lost love begins.


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