Oy! What a Knight is a song sung by Sid, Isabella, Sid's Mom and Dad and the residents of Sidneyland in Two Balls.

Galavant - Oy What A Knight

Galavant - Oy What A Knight


Sid's Dad: Everyone, come see my son, the knight!

Sid's Mom and Dad: Oy, what a knight!
Sid's Dad: Gather 'round you peasants!
Sid's Mom: Look who's graced us with his presence!
Male Peasant #1: What a hero!
Female Peasant #1: What a mensch!
All: Oy, what a knight!
Sid's Dad: Plus the kid's on fire
With a farkakte squire!
Sid's Mom: And a little shiksa wench!

Female Peasants: Oy, what a knight!
God, is he to die for
Any girl would give an eye for
Such a hunk of kosher meat!
Oy, what a knight!
Female Peasant #2: Handsome...
Female Peasant #3: And a charmer!
Female Peasant #4: Is it true that 'neath that armor—
Isabella: Shh, he likes to be discreet.

Rabbi: Speaking as his rabbi
Why am I not surprised?
Our Sidney is the knight who put
The "sir" in "circumcised"!

All: Oy, what a knight!
Male Peasant #2: So how's the business going?
Sid: You know, jousting, tally-ho-ing
Saving damsels in distress
All: Oy, what a knight!
Sid: Oh, and did I mention slaying?
I did lots of it, just saying
Sid's Dad: That's our Sidney, the success!
All: Hey!

Isabella: What a gorgeous family
Your Sid can do no wrong
Who knew he came from such a lovely home?
Of course, I'll be converting
So I'm sure we'll get along
Sid's Mom: Honey, please, you had me at "shalom"!

All: Oy, what a squire!
Male Peasant #3: So tell us 'bout your Sidney
Gary Galavant: No.
Isabella: He saved your life once, didn't he?
Galavant: No.
Isabella: So twice?
Galavant: No.
Isabella: Thrice? Do share. *stomps on Galavant's foot*
Galavant: (spoken) Ow!

Men: Oy, what a knight!
Women: Oy, what a!
All: Didle, deedle, daidle!
Men: He's our hero!
Women: He's my idol!
All: He's adored by one and all!
Sid: You guys!
Sid's Dad: And so, tonight
To honor our crusader...
Sid's Mom: You are all invited later
Sid's Mom and Dad: To a fancy-shmancy ball!

All: Oy, oy, oy, oy,
Oy, what a knight!
Oy, what a knight! Hey!


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