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"Maybe You're Not the Worst Thing Ever" is a song sung by King Richard, Madalena, Isabella and Galavant in Joust Friends.


Maybe You're Not the Worst Thing Ever (from "Galavant" (Official Lyric Video))


King Richard: You're frigid and demanding
I shudder at your call
Madalena: Whenever you come near me
My flesh begins to crawl
King Richard and Madalena: But sometimes there are moments
I'm not repelled at all
Maybe you're not the worst thing ever

Isabella: You're utterly disgusting
I loathe your manly stink
Galavant: I see your mouth start moving
And, God, I need a drink
Isabella and Galavant: And then, from out of nowhere
I'll look at you and think
Maybe you're not the worst thing ever

Madalena: You're worse than crabs
King Richard: Worse than scurvy
Galavant: Worse than lice or plague
Isabella: But truth be told...
All: You're growing on me just like mold

Galavant: And though you're so annoying
Isabella: So easy to despise
King Richard: And though there's something scary
Behind your cold, dead eyes
Madalena: And though I'll never like you...
All: It's nice to realize
Maybe I shouldn't quite say never
Maybe you're not the worst thing ever


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