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"Love is Strange" is a love ballad sung by Galavant and Isabella in Dungeons and Dragon Lady.


Galavant - Love Is Strange


Galavant: Love is strange
Isabella: And sometimes kind of gross
It's embarrassingly gassy
And it leaves its dirty underwear
In piles around the place
Love is rude, it has a sort of smell
And it thinks that you don't notice
And it blurts out things
That make you want to smack its stupid face
And it's awkward and confusing
It annoys you half to death
Then it grins that dopey grin
And you can't catch your breath

Galavant: Love is strange and sometimes sort of smug
And it's really, really bossy
And it messes with your head
Till you're a hopeless basket case
Isabella: And it's stubborn
Galavant: It's insulting
Isabella: It's obnoxious
Galavant: It's the worst

Both: You keep pushing it away
And you fall in headfirst
Love is strange-
Isabella: And often pretty drunk
Galavant: It looks different without makeup
Both: And it's nothing like the fairy tales
You grow up dreaming of

Galavant: Love is weird
Isabella: Love is dumb
Both: Love is strange
And that's what makes it love


  • Joshua Sasse and Karen David performed the song live at The Galavant Showcase. This was immediately followed by the complete scene from the episode, which included Alan Menken's temporary musical backing track and Sasse's complete on-location vocal performance (which was later mixed with his more polished studio recording for the final sound mix).
  • Karen David performed the song live as a solo during her appearance on "Home & Family" on January 22, 2015.
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