"Could he be mostly dead? But not all dead, 'cause mostly dead is still slightly alive?"
"Love and Death" is the seventh episode of Season 2, which originally aired on January 24, 2016.


King Richard, Roberta and Sid rush the fatally wounded Galavant to a healer named Neo of Sporin, who has a magic potion that could save Galavant’s life. While waiting for Galavant to recover, Roberta admits she likes Richard and they almost share a tender moment. Later, Neo produces an army for Galavant… but the soldiers turn out to be zombies. Meanwhile, Madalena finally shares her true feelings with Gareth, who is shocked. As they march on Hortensia, the unlikely duo make a decision about their relationship. [2]


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  • Although ABC had issues with them pushing sexual and political boundaries, Glenn Slater remarked that he was unaware of any network objections regarding the title character being "killed" partway into the season.[3]
  • During one take as they were heading off to the armory, Karen David (Isabella) was nearly knocked off her feet by Stanley Townsend (Izzy's father) when he accidentally stepped on the train of her dress. Townsend instinctively grasped David to steady her, and after a moment they both realized he still had a firm hold on her... breasts. She started giggling and exclaimed, "Oh, daddy!" Townsend was deeply embarrassed and had difficulty continuing the scene.[4]
  • Julian Seager, who portrays the Random Guy during the song "Goodbye," made an appearance on the show in the Pilot, but his scene was cut out. Seager accosted Isabella in the pub and she responded to his unwanted advances by smashing his head on the table. A clip of this deleted moment was included in "Galavant: The Making of a Comedy Extravaganza."
  • When they come upon a sign post, Sid says, "The Grove has great shops and an apple store!" This one-liner, which flies over the heads of many viewers, is a reference to a popular Los Angeles shopping center called The Grove at Farmers Market.


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