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"My destiny lies beyond the castle walls mother. I'm going to conquer and kill and spread bastard children throughout the land like wildflower seeds!"

Kingsley is a recurring character on ABC's TV show Galavant. He is the older brother of Richard. His first appearance was in "Dungeons and Dragon Lady". He is portrayed by actor Rutger Hauer.


Kingsley was the anointed successor to his father's rule and his very name reflected that. However, upon his father's death Kingsley refused to claim the Sword of the King and to be crowned as the new lord of the realm. Instead he felt his fate belonged elsewhere and chose the freedom to conquer, pillage and sow his wild oats in other lands. The responsibility of governing his father's kingdom then fell on to his younger brother Richard. In a show of contempt for his sibling, Kingsley grabbed the Royal Sword just before it was officially handed to Richard. He taunted his brother by wishing him good luck before leaving with the sword to find his destiny ("Dungeons and Dragon Lady")".

Characters History

Season 1

Madalena invited Kingsley to Valencia to help execute her plan.