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Kingdoms of Galavant, also referred to as The Seven Realms, are a group of kingdoms in which the series Galavant takes place. It's real name (if it has one) is unknown. The map itself was released in a tweet by Dan Fogelman.

By the end of season 2, King Richard is revealed as the One True King to Unite Them All, presumably making him the rightful ruler of all of the Seven Realms.


  • Kingdom of Valencia - Kingdom, ruled by the King and Queen of Valencia, with princess Isabella as the heir apparent. It was formerly ruled by a number of usurpers, including King Richard, Queen Madalena, King Kingsley and King Gareth.
  • "King Richard's Kingdom" (name unknown) - Republic (formerly a Kingdom), ruled by the people. Formerly ruled by king Richard and his father before him.
  • Kingdom of Hortensia - Kingdom, ruled by the eleven-year-old Prince Harry, nephew to the King of Valencia.
  • "Princess Jubilee's kingdom" (name unknown) - Presumably a kingdom or a principality, ruled by princess Jubillee.
  • Bitches - Kingdom, co-ruled by the Von Falconburg sisters as queens. It's unknown if Gareth killed them or just cut off their ears, so the status of the kingdom is uncertain.
  • At least two other unknown realms.

Note: King of Valencia is member of the same royal house as Prince Harry and, as his uncle, would probably inherit the throne of Hortensia if Harry died without any children. Similarly, Harry would probably inherit the throne of Valencia if both his uncle and his sousin Isabella died. A union of the two kingdoms was actually planned through the marriage of Harry and Isabella, but Isabella broke off their engagement.



  • Dwarves vs Giants
  • Battle of the three armies


  • Island of Lesbos
  • Forest of Coincidence
  • Spinster Island
  • Forest of Honesty
  • Rocky River
  • Sea of Sorrow
  • Shoppe Fair
  • Joust
  • Chef's House
  • Monastery (of the singing monks)