"I Was There" is the reprise of "He Was There" and it was sung by Arnold Galavant in "About Last Knight".

Galavant "He Was There Reprise"

Galavant "He Was There Reprise"


Arnold: I went mucking all about
On endless quests and empty wars
And adventures in a hundred forts of call

And yet somehow I missed out on one adventure...
Mine and yours
And it should have been the greatest one of all

But there's something you should know.

I was there
I was there
In my heart, in every prayer

Never said it out loud
But I've always been proud
If you somehow can forgive me

Go and rescue your princess, Galavant. Marry her. And be the father and husband I never was.
Galavant: Dad? You want to play "Throw the Cabbage Around?"
Arnold: Grab a head.


"He Was There"
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