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"Hey, Hey, We're the Monks" is a song sung by the Monks of The Order of Our Father of Perpetual Refrain. It is from "Completely Mad...Alena", and during the episode there is a small reprise featuring Sid with the Monks. It was also briefly reprised again as part of the Season 2 Finale.


Galavant - Hey Hey We're The Monks


Lines in blue are only heard on the soundtrack

Monks: Ave!

Monk 1: Bum ba-dum, bum bum.

Confessional Monk: Welcome to our abbey
The best of our domain
The order of our father
Of perpetual refrain
And we're the monks
Monks: Hey, hey, we're the monks!

Galavant: Backstory please?
Isabella: Valencian monks all take a vow of singing.
Sid: Oh, bravo.
Galavant: Kill me...
Monks: Hey, hey, we're the monks!
'Monks: Hey, hey, we're the monks!

Confessional Monk: Come in if you are weary
There's food if you would dine
Plus thirty one varieties of sacramental wine
And we're the monks

Monks: Hey, hey, we're the monks!
Hmm hmm hmm
Monk 1: Bum ba-dum, bum bum
Monk 2: I'm the smart one
Monks: Ahh, Hallelu
Monk 3: I'm the cute one
Monks: Boobsydoo
Monk 4: I'm the shy one
Monks: Peekaboo
Monk 1: And I'm the bad boy
But not so bad
'Cause I'm a monk
Monks: Bless you, children
Monks: Oo-oo-oo-oo-oo
'Monk 1: Dip-dip-dip-de-doo
Monks: Oo-oo-oo-oo-oo

Isabella: We seek shelter. Water for our horses, and a bath for my friend.
Confessional Monk: We'll fetch the holy water.
And holy soap as well.
'Cause holy guacamole, that one reeks to holy hell!
And we're the monks.
Monks: Hey, hey, we're the monks!
We're the monks!

Confessional Monk: Hey, hey, we're the.
Finger popping.
Never stopping.
Humble with a.
Monks: Cherry topping monks.

Ooh, we-ahh!
Jazz hands, yeah!


  • This is one of the songs presented in The Galavant Showcase, a gathering of cast and crew members in December 2014 to preview the show for ABC executives. Released as an online promotional video under the title "Surprise Weird Al Yankovic Appearance," he and the Monks interrupted the showcase for a live performance of the song.
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