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"Picture that great big pool of puke and stool! A happy ending for us!"
—Gwynne, "My Cousin Izzy"

Gwynne is the handmaiden of Queen Madalena on The ABC's show Galavant. She is portrayed by guest star Sophie McShera. Her first appearance is in the episode "Completely Mad...Alena".


As a young girl Gwynne was forced to endure the harsh realities of being a peasant. She grew up thinking that people of her station would always be capriciously used and disposed of by those in power. She would carry this bleak outlook on life into her adulthood refusing to believe she'd ever have a story book happy ending. During King Richard's rule she was hired to be the personal handmaiden of his wife Queen Madalena.

Character History

Season One

Gwynne was first seen preparing Madalena for her wedding with the kink in the pilot. In the episode, "Completely Mad...Alena" Gwynne and Vincenzo share a flirtatious relationship. He later reveals that although they share this connection, Gwynne refuses to let anything come of it. When Madelana's hair is a "mess" she haughtily demands Gwynne to fix it which involves the handmaiden to move one curl to its proper position. Later on, Gwynne and Vincenzo share a romantic moment together singing "If I Could Share My Life with You" where Gwynne finally concedes to giving love a try and dine with Vincenzo by order of the Queen. However, when Gwynne arrives for the date she finds that he isn't there.

In "My Cousin Izzy" Vincenzo takes a break from selling rat bits to apologize to Gwynne because their date didn't work out as planned. She doesn't want to learn his first name, afraid that she might become attached to him and then they'll both die. Vincenzo assures her that they'll be okay, but Gwynne points out that no matter who wins in the fights among the nobility, the servants always get it in the neck. Gwynne visits him in the kitchen again and suggests that there's a way out for them. She suggests that they poison all of the royals so there's no one left to kill them, and he warms to the idea in the song "A Happy Ending for Us"

At the feast where their plan is supposed to take place, everyone starts coughing and gagging while Richard sneezes uncontrollably. Up above, Gwynne and Vincenzo watch, and he finally admits that he couldn't bring himself to murder anyone. Since he knows everyone's dietary preferences, he just served them food that they're allergic to so that they could watch them suffer. Gwynne is touched that he is so warm-hearted and thanks him for showing that their lives aren't as bleak as she believed, and kisses him. However, the lovebirds are later shown being thrown in to the dungeon for their treachery.

In the episode "It's All in the Executions" Gwynne is freed by Gareth along with the other prisoners.

Season 2

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