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"Galavant" is the opening number from the Pilot. It is sung by the Jester, Madalena and Peasants of Galavant's Village. The song is reprised several times throughout the season. It is also heard very briefly at the beginning of A New Season aka Suck It Cancellation Bear as part of the song "A New Season," and it resurfaced again as "Galavant Recap" in "Battle of the Three Armies."


Cast of Galavant - Galavant (Official Lyric Video)


Jester: Way back in days of olde
There was a legend told
About a hero known as Galavant

Peasant Woman #1: Square jaw and perfect hair...
Peasant Man #1: Cojones out to there...
Peasants: There was no hero quite like Galavant

Blacksmith: Tough, plus every other manly value...
Children: Mess with him, he'll disembowel you.
Peasant Woman #2: Yay!
He ruled in every way!
Peasant Man #2: A fairy tale cliché!
Peasants: And people called him Gaaaaaaa-laaaaaaa-vaaaaaaaaaaaant!

Jester: The man we're speaking of
He had a lady love
And Madalena, she was one fair maiden
Long legs and perfect skin
A body built for sin
With cleavage you could hold a whole parade in!

Ah, true love was never this ecstatic
Nor as wildly acrobatic!
Yes! He loved her to excess
Thrice daily more or less
And she'd be screaming...
Madalena: Gaaaaaa-laaaaaa-VA—!

Jester: One tiny problem
Soon would arise
Richard, a nearby king
Of wealth and stature
He watched Madalena
Lust in his eyes
And he asked her for her hand...
Well, more like a demand...
Well, more like had his henchman snatch her

Madalena: Galavant, help!

Jester and Company: Which brings us to today
The Royal Wedding Day
No one can stop it now but Galavant
Poor Madalena waits
Behind King Richard's gates
For the arrival of her Galavant

Now, at last begins a true adventure
Epic! Wild! A real butt-clencher!
So, Huzzah and tally-ho!
Sit back and here we go!
Attend the tale of...
Madalena and company: Gaaaaaaaaaaa-laaaaaaaaaaa-vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant!

Alternate version

In the original trailer, the second verse was a little different.

Jester: The man we're speaking of
He had a lady love
A total goddess known as Madalena
Long legs and perfect skin
A body built for sin
Plus more than just a touch of nymphomania

Ah, romance could hardly get much hotter
All day long, he'd you-know-what her!
Then, they'd you-know-what again
Three times or even ten
And she'd be screaming...
Madalena: Gaaaaaa-laaaaaa-VA—!

ABC Promos

During the series premiere, ABC ran two promos for other network shows set to the Galavant tune.[1][2]

ABC Wednesday Night Comedies - Musical Promos

Wednesday on ABC
It's family comedy
The kind that you can watch with your kids safely
Laugh at The Middle, Goldbergs, Modern Family
Black-ish is the number one new comedy
Oh, they make you laugh the most
Sometimes they're kind of gross
All new comedy on ABC!

The Bachelor - The Musical!

He comes from the land of farms
Always smiles, oh those arms!
Prince Farming is The Bachelor

He has what girls crave
Makes them want to misbehave
They can't resist The Bachelor!

There'll be pain and there'll be pleasure
Far too many tears to measure
Now, to get that precious rose
Who knows what they'll expose
They're ready for The Bachelor

Season 2 Recap

See "Galavant Recap"



  • This song shares the same melody as the beginning of "If I Can't Love Her" from the Broadway musical version of Beauty and the Beast, which Alan Menken also wrote the music for.
  • For the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con, an elaborate castle booth was created[3][4] which featured video screens with clips from Galavant and other ABC fantasy shows. Once inside, visitors were given a lyric sheet[5] and encouraged to sing-along with the trailer. One visitor remarked, that this sing-along "seemed kind of demanding, since no one had heard the song before."[6]
  • In addition to two live-action versions, ABC released an animated sing-along version online.[7]
  • The theme song was written in the spring of 2013.[8] Composer Alan Menken and lyricist Glenn Slater spent a month working on it[9] and went through nearly a dozen drafts before they felt it was right.[8]


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