Galavant: The Making of a Comedy Extravaganza is a 23-minute TV special which debuted around December 2014 as early promotion for the show. It features interviews, clips, bloopers, behind-the-scenes footage and glimpses of a few deleted scenes. The special concludes with a sing-along version of the title song and a production company logo (there are no end credits).

Although it was clearly intended to be broadcast, there's no concrete evidence that the special ever aired on television. It was released on ABC's website and also surfaced as a premium video (with a free price tag) on YouTube[1] in 480 standard definition, but it has not been offered on amazon or iTunes. The special was also chopped up into a series of short featurettes which have surfaced on a variety of sites.



Galavant The Making of a Comedy Extravaganza!

Galavant The Making of a Comedy Extravaganza!


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