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"Dwarves Vs Giants" is a song sung by King Richard, Galavant, Roberta, the Dwarves, and the Giants in Giants vs. Dwarves.


Galavant 'Giants Vs. Dwarves'


Andre: *Starts whistling*

King Richard: *Starts snapping*
Let's go and pop a few giants
Dwarf #1: Kick some gargantuan butt
Dwarf #2: Hack out those huge knobby kneecaps
King Richard + Dwarves: And make them keep their big mouths shut!
Has got to cut them down to size!
King Richard: And we're the ones who will climb them
And slap their fat faces!

Galavant: Let's mess a whole bunch of dwarves up
Giant #1: Stomp on those wee little tots
Giant #2: Laugh at their wee little biceps
Galavant + Giants: And itsy-bitsy you-know-whats!
Should punch their beady little eyes
Galavant: When we're done squishing the runts
There won't be any traces!

Roberta: Listen, people!
There's no need to fight
Holy freakin' cow, you're the same damn height!
Dwarf or giant!
Both will die tonight
There must be a way I can make things right!

Galavant + Giants: It's time to finish the dwarves off!
King Richard + Dwarves: It's time to take down the giants!

Roberta: There's no need to fight!
Galavant + Giants: Rip out their teeth and their eardrums!
King Richard + Dwarves: Kidneys and tonsils and livers!
Roberta: You're the same damn height!
King Richard + Dwarves: Gonna cream those giants!
Galavant + Giants: Dwarves!
We really, really hate those guys!

Roberta: You're just the same!
King Richard + Dwarves: Really hate those giants!
Galavant + Giants: Dwarves!
Galavant + Giants + Richard + Dwarves: Let's put 'em in their places!
King Richard: I'm gonna kill me a giant!
Galavant: Bring it! *Whistles*
You dwarf!


  • This song is a parody of "Tonight Quintet" from the musical West Side Story, which features a gang war between the Jets and the Sharks in a very similar manner to the Giants and the Dwarves. It also freatures elements of "The Jets Song" and "Cool" from the same musical. It also features elements of Pocahontas's "Savages".
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