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MAIN CHARACTERS: GalavantKing RichardIsabellaSidMadalenaGareth
RECURRING CHARACTERS: JesterChefGwynneKing of ValenciaQueen of ValenciaPrince HarryRoberta
GUEST CHARACTERS: Sebastian Bach (off-screen)Sid's MomSid's DadPirate KingConfessional MonkXanax
Young RichardYoung KingsleyRichard's MotherYoung GarethArnold GalavantThe Queen
Peasant JohnWormwoodBarryPrincess JubileeNeo of SporinDeath
GROUPS: The Peasants of Galavant's VillageGuardsThe ExecutionersThe Residents of SidneylandThe SquiresThe Monks
Pirate CrewRoyal Court of Richard's KingdomHortensiansValenciansEnchanted Forest Pub Patrons
The Peasants of King Richard's KingdomThe Peasants of ValenciaGiantsDwarvesZombies

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