"A New Season" is the opening song from A New Season aka Suck It Cancellation Bear. The song was reprised at the end of the episode, it surfaced again as "A Dark Season" in Do the D'DEW and the melody was briefly utilized one final time in the "Season 2 Finale."

Galavant - "A New Season!" Opening Song

Galavant - "A New Season!" Opening Song


Galavant: Way back in days of old,
There was a legend told—

Richard: Oh, do it for real.

Galavant: About a hero known as Gala—

Pirate King: Sorry to interrupt, it’s a very catchy tune and all that—

Pirate Jack: Yeah, it’s a real earworm.

Pirate Sam: Yeah, a tune that gets stuck in your head.

Pirate King: But there’s only so many times you can hear it. Don’t know if you noticed, but four pirates walked the plank last week. Middle of the ocean, just walked right off.

Richard: So what are you saying?

Pirate King: What I’m saying is…

We're gonna have to kill ya if you sing the freakin' song
Galavant: What?
Pirate King: It didn't win an Emmy, now it's time to move along
Richard: But-
Pirate King: Winter's not just coming
Pirate Jack: And it came
Pirate Carl: And then it went
Pirate King: Now it's back with this year's least expected big event!

Richard: You mean?
Pirate Sam: Arrgh!

Pirates: It' season for our hero and pals
Pirate Jack: A new season and it's gonna be scorchin'
Pirate Carl: Off on new sprees in new exotic locales
Pirate King: With new guests who'll cost the network a fortune

Richard: I'll go reclaim the castle I'm the rightful ruler of
Galavant: I'll suffer through the hassle then go save my one true love

Pirates: It's a new season, so we won't be reprisin' that tune

Man: Way back in days of old
There was a legend told
Duh duh duh duh duh duh duh Galavant
Guard: Noooo!

Hortensian Army: It's a new season in Hortensia too
Jester: A new season and it's totally bitchin'
Gwynne: We've got new fleas in our new clothing
Vincenzo: It's true!
And new cheese in our new cutting-edge kitchen

King of Valencia: We'll stay here with the princess 'til she weds her little cuz.
Queen of Valencia: Yes, we know it's incest, still, it's what our family does!

Hortensian Group: It's a new season...
Harry: ...and my Izzy, why she's in her room

Isabella: I've tried so desperately to win my freedom
Tried, yes, I've tried, dear god, I've tried.
Though as a feminist I don't quite need him,

Where is my Galavant?
Come find me, Galavant!
When will our plot lines re-collide?

Madalena: It's a new season for our brand new regime
Gareth: A new season here in sunny Valencia
Madalena: With new treason to deliciously scheme
Gareth: And new levels of psychotic dementia

Madalena: I'm putting every qualm aside to seize the kingdom's reigns
Gareth: I'll commit some homicide and sing a few refrains

Sid: And this season maybe I'll get to squeeze in some...

Women: So in the weeks to come ignore the pageants that they'll hold
Gareth: Skip the football matches...
Jester: ...and the globes made out of gold
Pirates: Screw all those apprentices...
Women: ...and every bachelorette
Valencian Group: Give into the miracle that no one thought we'd get!

Galavant + Richard + Pirates: It' season though it's still not that long
Hortensian Group: A new season with some slightly new shadings
Valencian Group: There's still no reason why we bust into song
Galavant + Richard + Pirates: You'll know hell's freezing if we get decent ratings

Isabella: Join the royals...
Jester: ...and the jester...
Gwynne: ...and the servant...
Vincenzo: ...and the chef
Madelena: The queen
Gareth: ...the thug...
Galavant: ...the hero...
Richard: ...and the hero's BFF.

Sid: And the whole season ends with armies from Valencia, Hortensia, and Richard's land in one ginormous battle to decide who's gonna be the one true king to rule the whole entire *voice cracks*...
Gareth: Way to blow it, you prats!

Galavant + Richard + Pirates: It's a new season so hang onto your sword
Hortensian Group: A new season which you'll prob'ly record
Valencian Group: A new season so get comfortable please and let's go!

All: Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!

Galavant: See, now THAT was a number!



Timothy Omundson and Karen David performed an excerpt from the song during their appearance on The View,[1] and David tried to sing it with the hosts of AfterBuzz TV (who didn't know the words).


  1. YouTube - Timothy Omundson & Karen David perform "A New Season" on The View

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